Emma Dalton

Complementary Therapist

BSc (Hons), LCPH, RSHom, MNIMH

Price List

Therapy Price List Valid 1st January 2019.

At least 24 hours notice of cancellations are needed please.  Any cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice will be charged at the full hourly rate.

Postal remedy each £13.00
15 min acute homeopathy (one remedy inc) £17.50
Operation Kit £35.00
Hom First £60.00
Hom Follow-up £35.00
Hom & CST First £60.00
Home & CST Follow up £40.00

Prices include up to 2 homeopathic remedy dispensers. Extra are £10 each. Herbal remedies such as cough syrups are £13 per 100ml.

CST (First appointments & follow ups). £60.00
First appointment Homeopathy £85.00
First appointment Herbal £90.00
Follow up Homeopathy £60.00
Follow up Herbal £70.00
Follow up therapies £80.00
Follow up Integrated therapies £60.00
Homeopathy prices include up to 2 homeopathic remedy dispensers. Extras are £10 each.
Herbal prices includes the first 200ml of tincture. Average weekly prescrition is 100ml. Extra tincture £13 per 100ml.
Integrated prices includes either one homeopathic remedy dispenser and 100ml herbal tincture; or 2 homeopathic remedies; or 200ml tincture.
Herbal Tea per 50g £13.00
Topical applications eg creams. Dependent upon volume and content. Average per 50g: £10.00
Functional Medicine £60.00
Biopuncture First appointment £80.00
Biopuncture acute session inc 1 ampule £45.00
Extra ampules each £13.00
Series of 6
CST or Homeopathy (individual) £300.00
Integrated Therapies £300.00
Biopuncture acute sessions inc 1 ampule each £200.00
Reiki £60.00
Spiritual Healing £60.00
Astrology £130.00