Emma Dalton

Complementary Therapist


Why is my website so short on information?

I have been asked why there is little information on my website.  The reason is that under current guidelines from the Advertising Standards Authority, I cannot say what I do.  Certain words are not allowed to be used including the words treat or cure.  So for example if someone contacts me and asks “Can you treat migraines?” I am not allowed to say yes.  I have to respond that I have people consult me and I consider the whole person holistically.

There are challenges to this organisation and this site gives further information to explain the current situation.  http://freedom4health.com/

I hope this helps you when you search my website.

Medical Herbalism is the original form of medicine going back thousands of years.

The science developed from being an apothecary and was superceded by the pharmaceutical industry in the 20th century.  The industry took the treatments from plant matter and determined what they thought were the active constituents. They then found ways of synthesising them and patenting them in order to construct a lucrative industry.

For example, aspirin was based on the use of meadowsweet and willow bark as a pain relief.

I am pleased to announce that I moving to a new practice after 18 years at The Woodbridge Complementary Health Centre.  From the 16th December 2016, I will be working from Andrew Gilmour & Associates in Melton, Woodbridge to work alongside some very skilled practitioners in their fields.  The receptionists at both practices should ensure that there is a smooth transition but please do contact me directly if there are any concerns.

Andrew Gilmour & Associates currently offer osteopathy, physiotherapy and sports injury treatment and I will be contributing to the holistic services that they offer alongside.  There is plenty of parking and it is a single storey building for those that need easy access.

The address is: Tollgate Cottage, Yarmouth Road, Melton, Woodbridge IP12 1QF

Reception can be contacted on 01394 387818 and will be organising all my appointments for Fridays and Saturdays for December onwards.  They are taking bookings from now.  In the meantime, The Woodbridge Complementary Health Centre will continue to organise my Friday and Saturday diary until I leave.

It is a very exciting time for me and I am looking forward to starting there soon.